Curbside Pickup from The Shanty original west door on
Tuesday March 16th or Wednesday March 17th from 11am-8pm

Say Your 4 Digit Order Number To The Shanty Staff Member & Pop Your Trunk

All online pre-ordered meals will be fully cooked and packed cold for pickup



Menu Packed Fully Cooked Cold For Pickup

(Includes Tax)

Corned Beef & Cabbage Meal
• Corned Beef & Cabbage
• Braised Sweet Carrots
• Butter Garlic Red Potatoes
• Marble Rye Bread, Butter, Horseradish & Corned Beef Au Jus

Reuben Soup a la carte

Guinness Beef Stew a la carte

Bailey’s Irish Cheesecake Slice

Jameson Irish Whiskey Mule

Guinness Irish Draught Stout
• 4 Pack of 14.9oz Cans

Smithwick’s Irish Ale
• 6 Pack of 11.2oz Bottles